Staying positive and upbeat in the workplace maybe easier than you thought, there are a few proven tips that employees use to keep them encouraged and even enthusiastic throughout the day. The following tips are just a few that you may want to consider when you feel that grey cloud looming over head.
1)      Whistle or sing one of your favorite tunes, even if you don’t know all the words don’t let that bother you, you’re not auditioning for American Idol, you’re just having fun. The point is to provide your mind with a few moments of a chipper tune to temporarily distract you from the hustle and bustle at work. And then during that time you might even learn to relax a bit. 
2)      Take a 10 minute walk break. Sometimes after being in the office for endless hours at a time your body begins to crave not only a break but some sunshine. Staying in a cramped office or cubicle for hours at a time can not only zap your energy but also negatively impact your mood. A quick walk around the block or your building may be just what you need to reenergize you.
3)      Stretching your legs to take a walk outside is a great suggestion, but what if you can’t leave the comforts of your building? Then consider yourself social and pop by one of your colleague’s office/cubicle for a quick hello. Sometimes the simple act of moving your body and leaving your refined space can be just what the doctor ordered.
4)      Keep healthy snacks at hand for that mid day attack of the grum bellies. When packing your lunch include a few extra munchies such as an assortment of different fruits, vegetables, or cheese and crackers. Not only are you treating yourself to some brain food but the boost in your metabolism will get you through your day.  
5)      When you can grab a few moments of quiet time, consider meditating or visualization. No, this isn’t the time to take a nap; however, closing your eyes just for a few minutes can calm you down, relax you and put you in a space of peaceful tranquility.
6)      Remember your daily water intake. A cool glass of water can keep you hydrated and refreshed during that 3 hour meeting that won’t seem to end. Toting a bottle of water with you through the day is a great way to ensure that you get your 8 glasses daily. 
     7)  Have you laughed today? Laughing is an instant way to place a smile on your face. Tell a joke to a friend, recall a moment when your laughter brought you to tears and enjoy that moment all over again. If you can, pull up a quick video on YouTube, you’ll have plenty of clips to choose from and plenty of LOL moments.