For the most part, blogs provide an excellent resource to consumers who are looking for up-to-date information, guidance, and tips to assist them with just about any area of their life they are looking to improve or enhance. But some consumers may desire a more collective approach where bloggers, authors, or writers can join together and unite their areas of expertise in one forum. 

Health and wellness expert Kim Trowbridge, M.Ed, CHES, Health Improvement Manager for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; Alease Michelle, Owner of the School of Creative Business; R. Alexandria Williams, certified cosmetologist and skin care specialist who owns the Purple Rose skin care spa; and Dr. Cris, certified career coach and owner of Dr. Cris, the Dream Job Doctor, have all united their passions and expertise to give their readers a little bit more of what they’ve been searching for. 

 Through a new online magazine titled Dream Job Magazine (DJM), these ladies have decided to join their efforts and share with their customers and newly found readers practical tips and advice to empower them to live the life that they’ve always dreamed of, and in the process, tap into a fulfilling career. 

Each quarter on the 15th of June, September, December, and February, readers can expect a new DJM edition that will specifically assist readers in knowledge to enhance their career, health, wellness, and beauty. Additionally, each edition will focus on a success story of someone who is passionately living their Dream Job. 

This month’s edition is all about preparing for a new career, with articles that suggest the importance of appearance at an interview; steps for obtaining a great new job; maintaining a healthy balance by establishing the appropriate boundaries; and marketing tactics used to increase sales. Take a moment to visit DJM; you will be informed, excited, and anxious for the next edition.