“Anyone can live a more fulfilling life when they decide to connect their passion to their purpose”

Hi, I’m Dr. Cris (Crystal) Green Brown Ph.D., and I’m here to serve you!
As a Spiritual Life Coach and Speaker,
I’m certified in Career Development, Health, Nutrition, and Education!
I’m also a #1 Bestselling Author.

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Dr. Cris can assist you or your organization with any of the following topics:

  • Career Development
  • Spiritual Vision Board Workshops
  • Health & Nutrition


“I am happy to recommend Dr. Green Brown as a career advisor and coach. I recently relocated to Charlotte from another state after 18 years with the same company. Having been out of the loop for so long and feeling a bit out of touch with today’s job market, I reached out to Dr. Green Brown for guidance. She listened, thoroughly assessed my situation, then put together a plan that provided exactly what I needed in terms of tools, advice, and strategic direction on all the things that I wasn’t up to speed on. She also helped me optimize my job search and taught me how to network online in a post-pandemic job market.

Within a couple of weeks, I was getting significantly more recruiter attention and landing more job interviews. Soon after, I had two great job offers, one of which I accepted. I have Dr. Green Brown to thank for helping me through this transitional period in my career. She has been professional, very communicative, and supportive throughout this entire process. More importantly, she came up with a customized plan that helped me get the results that I wanted. I’m glad I reached out to her and I highly recommend her services. A+”

Joe Colquitt, Production Supervisor

“Sister to Sister International was pleased to host a Spiritual Vision Board Session, with Dr. Cris that included a diverse group of Black women. As the presenter and facilitator, Dr. Cris was very well prepared, knowledgeable, authentic, and engaging. She was the real deal and helped people see their vision more clearly, via the two fun interactive sessions that she conducted for our group. All participants created their personal spiritual vision board and had her best-selling book, entitled, “Visual Prayer, How to create a Spiritual Visual Board” as a handy reference. I highly recommend Dr. Cris!”

Sister to Sister International, Inc.

“My experience with Dr. Green Brown has been nothing but positive and filled with learning. Dr. Green Brown is passionate about coaching and she knows how to help you leverage tools and resources to take your business to the next level. She made me think differently about what I wanted and how to get it. She consistently supported me while also giving me the push I need to stretch my ideas to create a plan of action that fits where I am going. I would highly recommend Dr. Green Brown to anyone who is seeking to grow their business, your blessing awaits you.”

Deb Browne,  Owner & President of Event by Deb, Inc.

“Dr. Crystral Green Brown offered me career advice that made me change the way I thought about myself and my business. She validated what I already knew about myself and what I could do. Although I have been working in my current career for over 12 years – her advice and plan of action allowed me to develop a plan to take my business to the next level.”

Alease Michelle Jones, Online Marketing Strategist

“Dr. Green Brown’s hybrid of theory-based assessment tools and qualitative/quantitative methodologies has produced groundbreaking results in the field of career identification research. And we’re not just fans, we’re clients. Her methods have played a major role in assisting our H/R Department in the effective identification and retention of high-quality personnel. Enlisting her assistance in this area is one of the best decisions we’ve made here at TransCorp Consulting Group. Thank you, Dr. Green Brown”

TransCorp Consulting, K. Smith CFO

“As you commit to Visual Prayer, you will be amazed at what will come to mind that’s already hidden in your DNA secretly yearning to be born on your spiritual vision board – An excellent resource for serious-minded persons interested in elevating their life, thank you, Dr. Green Brown!”

Steve Fitzhugh. President, Covenant Village Retreat Certified NFL Transition Coach

“Amazing! Dr. Green Brown explains and connects deep spiritual wisdom to what we all know deep within already. Visualization and using affirmations are prayer and connect us back to who we are and the abundance that is out there for us! I recommend this book and process to anyone who is seeking more meaning in their lives and change in their current circumstances! Great read and the process and principles are simple and easy to connect with!”

Alicia Domicio, Owner & Creative Visualization Coach at Claim Your Flame

“Dr. Crystal Green Brown is a really great visionary teacher! Thank you, Dr. Cris, for teaching the purpose and meaning of “framing your visions.” Your understanding and ability to communicate that one’s dreams, visions, and great ideas are linked to God is uncanny!”

Caroline Greene, Author of Decrees, Declares, & Prayers

“Dr. Cris shares information that is founded on biblical principles. Then she shows the reader (Visual Prayer) how to easily apply principles that can bring lasting change.”

Tony C. Davis Pastor, Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ, Cedartown GA

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