I recently discovered the 8th wonder of the world – Silk Dark Chocolate Almond milk. For those of you need a lactose free alternative to milk, you will enjoy this smooth tasting and delicious dark chocolate treasure.

With only 100 calories a cup this dark chocolate almond milk is the perfect solution to adding a little bit of sweetness to your plain bowl of cereal. Some of the benefits for switching to this sweet sensation include:


• 50% more calcium than dairy milk
• 100 delicious calories per serving
• Excellent source of vitamin E
• No cholesterol or saturated fat
• Free of dairy, soy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg and MSG
• No artificial colors, or flavors

When compared to dairy Silk Dark Chocolate Almond milk has 60 fewer calories, 5% more calcium, 35% more vitamin C and 46% more Vitamin E. Interested in learning more about this healthy alternative to chocolate milk? Visit Silk Dark Chocolate Almond milk and learn why you should make the switch.

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If you are still looking for a great employment opportunity, perhaps this latest list of employment opportunities specifically in the field of higher education administration thanks to higheredjobs.com maybe just what you have been hoping and praying for. Take a look at the list below and if any of the opportunities seem interesting to you, simply click on the link to learn how you can apply. You never know, one of these career opportunities just may turn out to be your next dream job.

Monster Career Search

However if none of these opportunities sound appealing you can search for your dream job using the on-line monster job search, that is located to the right of this blog. Simply type in the keywords that reflect the dream job that you are looking for and the ideal location, then click search for your results.  All available career opportunities will be displayed below.

Good Luck with your career search!


Vice President of Student Life
(Posted 04/07/2014)
University of Saint Mary
Leavenworth, KS
Nursing Director
(Posted 04/07/2014)
Grays Harbor College
Aberdeen, WA
Program Director for Alumni and Parent Engagement – Career Center
(Posted 04/07/2014)
Carleton College
Northfield, MN
Campus President
(Posted 04/07/2014)
Charter College
Pasco, WA
Residential Coordinator – First Year Program
(Posted 04/07/2014)
St. Lawrence University
Canton, NY
Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion
(Posted 04/07/2014)
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI
Director of Marketing and Communications
(Posted 04/07/2014)
The Taft School
Watertown, CT
Financial Aid Representative
(Posted 04/07/2014)
Elmira Business Institute
Elmira, NY
Staff Psychiatrist
(Posted 04/05/2014)
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA
Director, Assessment and Research
(Posted 04/04/2014)
Duke University – Student Affairs
Durham, NC
Dean of the College of Business
(Posted 04/04/2014)
Albany State University
Albany, GA
Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life
(Posted 04/03/2014)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA
Vice President of Student Services
(Posted 04/03/2014)
Wichita Area Technical College
Wichita, KS
Administrative Assistant
(Posted 04/03/2014)
National Academy Museum & School
New York, NY
Human Resources Specialist (Recruitment/Hiring & Part-time Employee Focus)
(Posted 04/02/2014)
Laramie County Community College
Cheyenne, WY
Clinical Assessment Specialist
(Posted 04/02/2014)
Neurocog Trials, Inc.
Durham, NC
Vice President, Administration & Finance
(Posted 04/02/2014)
Caliornia State University, San Bernardino
San Bernardino, CA
Chief Financial Officer
(Posted 04/01/2014)
Columbia Gorge Community College
The Dalles, OR
Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
(Posted 04/01/2014)
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Cheyney, PA
IT Operations Coordinator
(Posted 04/01/2014)
University of Maryland, College Park
College Park, MD
Health Information Technology (HIT) Coordinator
(Posted 04/01/2014)
BIR Training Center
Chicago, IL
Associate Controller
(Posted 04/01/2014)


University of Louisiana at Monroe
Monroe, LA



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