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Based on the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer!

Spiritual Vision Board Academy

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In this highly anticipated 1-on-1 program, Dr. Cris will walk you through the 4-steps of the spiritual vision board process based on her #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board. Register Today and learn how to manifest and receive the desires of your heart!

Career Development Educator

Certified Career Coach and College Career Professor

Navigating the job market takes more than just a resume and cover letter. It takes an expert who has years of training an experience guiding clients and students in identifying their career niche and securing their dream job. With a 99.5% client success and placement rate, Dr. Cris can help you with your career transition goals.

#1 Bestseller

Visual Prayer

Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board

This Amazon #1 bestseller is a 4-step guide designed to help you manifest and receive the plans that God has for your life. Using biblical principles and scripture Dr. Cris helps you understand how to unlock the power of prayer.

Success Stories

What are clients saying about Dr. Cris?

"I highly recommend Dr. Green Brown as a career coach. I’ve worked in the same trade for 6+ years, and when deciding to make a huge career shift, I felt lost and overwhelmed. Her thoughtful and strategic approach helped me better understand the current job market and what recruiters look for in a candidate. She was also immensely helpful in giving me the tools and guidance I needed to refocus my resume to suit my new career goals. Dr. Green Brown gave me the confidence to apply for jobs I would have otherwise felt under-qualified for. And within a few weeks, I accepted an incredible job offer! I owe much of this success to Dr. Green Brown, and I cannot recommend her services enough."

Brianna B.

Tech Specialist

"Sister to Sister International was pleased to host a Spiritual Vision Board Session, with Dr. Cris that included a diverse group of Black women. As the presenter and facilitator Dr. Cris was very well prepared, knowledgeable, authentic and engaging. She was the real deal and helped people see their vision more clearly, via the two fun interactive sessions that she conducted for our group. All participants created their personal spiritual vision boards and had her best selling book, entitled, "Visual Prayer, How to Create a Spiritual Visual Board" as a handy reference. I highly recommend Dr. Cris!"

Cheryl Brennan, of Sister to Sister International


"I am happy to recommend Dr. Green Brown as a career advisor and coach. I recently relocated to Charlotte from another state after 18 years with the same company. Having been out of the loop for so long and feeling a bit out of touch with today's job market, I reached out to Dr. Green Brown for guidance. She listened, thoroughly assessed my situation, then put together a plan that provided exactly what I needed in terms of tools, advice, and strategic direction on all the things that I wasn't up to speed on. She also helped me optimize my job search and taught me how to network online in a post-pandemic job market.

Within a couple of weeks, I was getting significantly more recruiter attention and landing more job interviews. Soon after, I had two great job offers, one of which I accepted. I have Dr. Green Brown to thank for helping me through this transitional period in my career. She has been professional, very communicative, and supportive throughout this entire process. More importantly, she came up with a customized plan that helped me get the results that I wanted. I'm glad I reached out to her and I highly recommend her services. A+"

Joe C.

Production Supervisor

"Dr. Green Brown was simply amazing! She has been a very important part of making my move to Charlotte so delightful. Initially, I reached out to her simply to connect with a like-minded woman working in the field I enjoy. Although she did not know me, she quickly accepted my request and my invitation to chat briefly by phone. From that conversation, I decided to utilize her services. She came across as caring, insightful, discerning, kind and curious about my needs. She knew how to listen well and made sure I felt heard and valued. Throughout my job search, she went over and beyond to offer comfort and insight about it all and spoke nothing but positive outcomes to me. She never came across as a know-it-all but rather a woman who held her confidence in what she knew, yet was open to differing perspectives. I felt respected in her presence. She indeed was my cheerleader and prayer warrior throughout. I simply cannot wait to break bread with her when I settle down in my new city. Dr Cris has affirmed my hope that there are still people out here who truly care about the people they serve and don't mind going the extra mile to see their clients make it across the finish line. Thanks so much Dr. Cris!"

Dr. Carrie H. Love for Life Coaching


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