Dr. Cris is Certified in

  • Career Development
  • Higher Education Instruction
  • Health and Nutrition

I’m also the #1 Bestselling Author of the book Visual Prayer: How to Create A Spiritual Vision Board;  and I’m an Online Marketing and Career/Internship Professor at LIM College in New York.

My philosophy is that anyone can live a more fulfilling life when they decide to connect their passion to their greater purpose.

My mission is to empower you to transform your mind, body, and spirit, move beyond your frustrations, and live the life God has planned for you. No matter what your frustrations are – identifying your purpose in life, losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and developing a plan to grow your small business –  I’m here to assist you in bringing your dreams to life.

Schedule a Free 15-minute consultation with me or one of my areas of expertise…

  • College Major Identification
  • Career Transition
  • Dream Job/Purpose Identification
  • Spiritual Vision Board Development
  • Health/Nutrition
Contact Dr. Cris email: AskDoctorCris@gmail.com

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