Hire Dr. Cris!

Here at Ask Dr. Cris, the Spiritual Life Coach, our mission is to help you uncover your authentic self and transition to a life that is rewarding and fulfilling.

To get started on the right path towards a better, more fulfilling career or healthier lifestyle that will allow you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, simply schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Cris. Consultations are available for the following:

*Career/Purpose Identification Career
*Spiritual Vision Board Consulting
*Nutrition/Weight Management Coaching 
*Small Business Marketing Consulting
*Higher Educational Consulting 
*Curriculum Development

One-on-One Coaching

Dr. Cris can provide you with spiritual guidance in your career, business, health/wellness, education

Career Youth Coaching

Dr. Cris helping youth to discover their career passions. 

Virtual Coaching

Video chat with Dr. Cris through Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Team

Mobile Coaching

Chat with Dr. Cris anywhere, at your convenience through mobile coaching

Small Business Coaching

Need practical solutions to sustain your small business or simply help your business to grow? Dr. Cris can help. 

Corporate Business Consulting

Specializing in digital marketing solutions, no problem or organization is too large for Dr. Cris.