Work in Your Purpose!

Everyone has a purpose in life. Some of us may even have two or more. But whatever our purpose is, if we choose to accept it – it should not feel like work.

Our purpose is a God-given opportunity to take on a task that is in alignment with our spiritual gifts, talents, skills, interests, and life experiences. Most importantly it is a task that we have been handpicked by God to accomplish. Just as Moses was handpicked to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and Noah was handpicked to build the ark, each of us is called to carry out a specific purpose.

Although we may not be tasked with assignments such as Moses and Noah, that does not mean that the purpose God has assigned to us is not important.

Some may be called to nurture as mothers or fathers. Some may be called to heal as physicians, some may be called to build as architects, or some may be called to guide or instruct as teachers, etc. But the opportunities for us to live in our purpose is real, make no mistake about that. Now the question remains – what will you decide to do?