Yesterday I conducted two career consultations with two different professional women, one consultation in the morning the other later that afternoon. Both women have reached the pinnacle of success in their careers. One works in the fashion industry and the other in higher education.
And both are getting restless with their current positions. Restless because God is calling them to explore new career opportunities and after the second consultation I felt honored that God led both of them to me for assistance.
As I thanked God for using me I felt a shift in the atmosphere, a shift that helped me to realize that God is doing incredible things and He is calling people to answer incredible opportunities to reframe their purpose.    
Can you feel a shift in the atmosphere with your career? Is God calling you to step out of your comfort zone to reframe your purpose in life? If any of this resonates with you – then contact me for a FREE career consultation. I would be honored to assist you with your career breakthrough.
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