In the Bible, the number 10 is used 242 times and the designation “10th” is used 79 times.  Biblical number 10 signifies man’s law, responsibility and testimony of faith and belief in the Lord.
God gave us the 10 Commandments that reflected His expectations of mankind and as a way to represent His holiness.  The first four Commandments are towards God and the last six Commandments are towards mankind.  The 10 Commandments, if kept, represents the completeness of order in both divine and human structures of society.
God’s authority and rule over the affairs of mankind is also seen elsewhere as in the 10 elders that were placed in most city gates of Israel (Ruth 4:2) and demonstrates man’s responsibility of obedience to God’s law.
In Genesis 1 we find the phrase “God said” 10 times, which is a testimony of His creative power.
Tithing a 10th of our earnings is also seen as a testimony of our faith in the Lord.
Biblical number 10 is a reminder of God and His holiness.  Keep Him in your heart.  Trust in His promises.  Embrace your gifts, talents and insights to help you create the life of your dreams.
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