Biblical number eight represents new birth and new beginnings associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Jesus was resurrected on Sunday, simultaneously the first day and the eighth day of the week.  With Jesus resurrection, came a promise of new birth and everlasting life for mankind.
For this reason, the number eight represents the entrance into the Covenant of God.  This understanding comes from God Himself who commanded Circumcision – the Sign of the Covenant – to be performed on the eighth day. (Genesis (9:12)
Circumcision on the Eighth Day is a renewal that comes through entrance into God’s Covenant, which manifests as Baptism in the New Testament, and as a symbol of the everlasting life given though the resurrection of Christ.
God expanded upon the spiritual meaning of this “circumcision of the flesh” when He commanded us, saying “circumcise yourselves to the Lord, and take away the foreskins of your heart”.  (Jeremiah 4.4)
Biblical number eight reminds us to genuinely dedicate ourselves to the Lord by removing everything that hinders that commitment thereby renewing and giving us a new beginning and eternal life.
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