God created man, woman, and all living creatures on the sixth day of creation week, thus the number six has been permanently impressed upon us.
Six represents the weakness of being human and the manifestation of sin when ones’ life is lived without God and without Christ.  Spiritual perfection cannot be attained when God and Christ are left out of our daily lives, thoughts, prayers and decisions.
Six days are given to us to labor and do all our work, but on the seventh day, we are asked to rest and connect with God. (Exodus 20:9) When we do not connect with God, we are weakened and begin to lose our way and sin.  Life then becomes a struggle instead of the ebb and flow of God’s river of blessings.
Six is also the number of ‘seeing’, intuition, spiritual guidance, and inner wisdom.  When we connect with the infinite power of the God life force within us, it opens our ability to ‘see’ that we can have, be, and do anything that is divinely inspired.
By using our power of imagination and the visualization of our desires in our subconscious, over time our vision will take hold in reality.  Solutions will be revealed to us in a calm and unfolding manner.  The truth is recognized and false errors are laid down and forgiven.  We proceed in a calm manner knowing that our inner wisdom has guided us in the right direction.
We can only rule over our lives if we take the time to connect with God and be in the Christ mind (One with God).  This is essential to creating an amazing and wonderful life on earth.
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