The wait is over! Today begins the enrollment process of the Visual Prayer: A VIP Experience. Based on the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board, this online workshop shares with you the details of creating you own spiritual vision board.
Although we launched a similar workshop earlier this year, this time around we hope to bless as many people as possible by learning how to:

  1. Meets and accomplish your goals
  2. Understand God’s promises and plan for your life
  3. Learn the difference between a traditional vision board and a spiritual vision board
  4. Learn to apply the 4 easy steps of the spiritual vision board process
  5. Receive the desires of your heart

Enroll now by simply clicking on the link below, then select one of the 2 levels you would prefer to enroll in on January 7th. Take a look at the 2 different level options below.

Basic- $9.97

Modular 1: INTRO

Why Create & Use a Spiritual VB

Modular 2: ASK

The Awes Have It (Image Selection Process)

Affirmations, Mantras & Motivational Statements

Colorizing & Completing

Modular 3: BELIEVE

Perception vs. Reality

Spiritual Enlightenment

Modular 4: RECEIVE

Taking receipt of your blessing

Private FB group


Intermediate- $29.97

Or 2 installments of $15.00

Includes all of Basic +

Modular 2: ASK

Relax, Connect & Journal by Alicia Domico

Modular 3: BELIEVE

The Art of Expecting

Give and It Will Be


Modular 4: RECEIVE

Knock and the Door will be Opened

Modular 5: REVISE

Preparing for your next level of blessing

Modular 6: WHEN

The best time to start your spiritual vision board process

1 private call from Coaches


Click HERE to Enroll