core strength
Aging is inevitable! The key to looking younger is feeling younger.  Taking care of ourselves on a daily basis will help us keep a youthful appearance.  Let’s be proactive in our approach to aging and live gracefully and beautifully.
Here are 5 natural ways that will keep you feeling vibrant and strong that won’t cost or hurt too much.
Decide to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
Research has shown that aging occurs at the cellular level.  So anything that will enhance the body’s ability to repair cellular damage such as regular exercise, nutrition, stress management and restful sleep will keep us feeling younger.
Exercise is the natural age-defyer.  It not only gives us a youthful demeanor that comes with feeling and looking well but also gives us a sense of well-being.  Be sure to include aerobic exercise, strength training and lifestyle activities such as gardening, tennis, dancing for both physical and mental stimulation.
Eat a Balanced Diet
A balanced diet made up of a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products, healthy monounsaturated fats, seeds and nuts, and whole grains ward off illness, boosts the immune system and enhances your complexion.  Drink plenty of purified water and green tea.  Keep away from sugars and processed foods.
Get 7-8 Hours of Restful Sleep Every Night
Lack of sleep plays a significant role in our appearance.  Plus less than 6 hours of sleep per night puts us at risk for viral infections, heart disease, obesity, stroke and a decline in mental functioning.
Manage Stress
Stress makes us feel old before out time and has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, skin inflammation and suppresses our immune system.
Anything that will help manage stress such as meditation, yoga and deep breathing will help you quiet and calm your mind.  Yoga is great for calming the mind and also for keeping the body flexible and strong.