isolated chocolate bar

Did you know that your specific food cravings, such as chocolate, salty treats, or bread – is your body’s way of communicating to you that perhaps you may be in need of certain nutrients that could fortify your body.
That’s right, your food cravings are actually a great way of indicating that something is missing from your diet and simply by satisfying your cravings you will satisfy your body with the nutrients that it needs. This great food tip among others are actually mentioned in my book How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny: Eat Your Cake and Have Your Figure Too!
For example, I often have cravings for chocolate. This sweet tooth can indicate that your body is in need of magnesium. A good way to solve this deficiency is to simply eat nuts, seeds, or if you want something sweet, perhaps a piece of fruit may satisfy your chocolate fix, while still providing you with the health benefits you need.
Some of you I know may have cravings for salty treats. If this is the case, perhaps your cravings are indicating that your body is in need of silicon or chloride. For chloride you can eat fish, or drink goats milk. If your body needs silicon, then you should consider cashews or seeds.
Perhaps breads or pasta might be your heart’s desire. If so, you should consider foods that are high in protein, meats, beans or fatty fish. Just remember, you are what you eat, so choose to eat healthy.
Eat Healthy!