In my book How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny: Eat Your Cake and Have You Figure Too! I share an important aspect about food cravings, and how those cravings can be an indicator of what your body is informing you of what it may be deficient in.
For example, there have been a few occasions when I was potassium deficient.  During which it seems like I couldn’t get enough bananas.  Which I now know is loaded with potassium. My ongoing cravings were my body way of signaling to me that I needed more potassium.
I’ll admit that although my potassium level has been normal for years, I still love to indulge in bananas every now and then. But in an effort to keep my sugar level low, because bananas are a tropical fruit – it’s important to select those that are firm and slightly green.
Anyway, the lesson here is when you find that your body is craving for a particular type of food; conduct a little research on the vitamins and nutrients that it contains. You may be surprised as to what you discover and realize that perhaps you body is signaling to you what it may be deficient in one of those vitamins or nutrients.
Eat Healthy!