Woman Exercising with Dumbbell
He gives strength to those who are tired and more power to those who are weak. The people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest; they will walk and not become tired. Isiah 40:29,30
Sometimes life knows just how to kick us when we are down. And learning how to get through it all is when we realize just how much leaning on Him will make us strong. Continuing with our series from Max Lucado in his book God’s Inspirational Promise Book, Max shares with us his view on strength.
An example of faith was found on the wall of a concentration camp. On it a prisoner had carved the words: I believe in the sun, even though it doesn’t shine, I believe in love, even when it isn’t shown. I believe in God, even when He doesn’t speak.
I try to imagine the person who etched those words. I try to envision his skeletal hand gripping the broken glass or stone that cut into the wall. I try to imagine his eyes squinting through the darkness as he carved each letter. What hand could have cut such a conviction? What eyes could have seen good in such horror?
There is only one answer: Eyes that chose to see the unseen.
A Love Letter to my Fellow Wellness Warriors: Your Circumstance is not Your Identity An article about separating your circumstance from your identity. Written by Alison Smith of alisonsmith.com. #Health, #WellnessJunkie, #StayStrong
Prayer: Father, you promised that there would be faith and strength and hope to meet life’s problems. Father, give that strength to those whose anxieties have buried their dreams, whose illnesses have hospitalized their hopes whose burdens are bigger than their shoulders.