AskDrCris - Inspiration comes to us slowly and quietly

Inspiration comes to us slowly and quietly…prime it with a little solitude.

Inspiration comes to us when we are usually quiet and still. When we allow our prayers to turn into meditation, so that our request can transition us to be open for receiving a response. I often refer to this process as inspired thoughts as we pray for guidance and meditate on that request in solitude, God’s voice shares with us His words of wisdom to direct our path. These inspired thoughts can be looked at as a small gift of reassurance.
Reassurance that whatever it is that we are hoping and praying for has been heard. And that He has acknowledged our request. We now only need to wait patiently to receive his blessing.
Are you searching for answers? Or perhaps questioning what life has in store for you. If this is true, take this moment out of your day, find a quiet place then relish in the solitude that will direct your path and comfort your spirit. I hope these inspirational words are helpful to you as you journey through your week.