1.  Alexa – Monitor your website traffic

  • Make note of where you are currently, and what steps it will take for you to increase traffic.
  • Alexa is one of the number one ways to track the number of visitors who frequent your website. If you don’t know where you are how will you know how to increase your exposure or if you are successful at it?
  • Go to Alexa.com and download the toolbar for your computer.

2. Are Your Blogging?

  • Blogging on a regular basis is a great way to indicate that you are an expert in a specific field or area.
  • Your consistent blog post will increase interest to your site and provide you with potential new clients.

3.  Twitter

  • Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media strategies that you can use.
  • Make sure that your blog posts are connected to your twitter account.
  • Stay active and engaged with other users for the best results.

4.  Who’s On Facebook

  • Everyone is on Facebook these days – but do you have a fan page for your business?
  • Invite your friends and other professionals to like your page.
  • Make sure that you are not only posting your blog updates on your page, but you are also sharing other information regarding your area of expertise.

5. LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is without question the #1 professional social media networking tool
  • In addition to posting your blog post and engaging with other like-minded professionals, join groups that will allow you to highlight your expertise
  • Ask for endorsements and recommendations

6.  See You on YouTube

  • YouTube’s popularity is centered on the demand for everyone and anyone to ensure that they receive their 15 minutes. However this social media tool can extend your 15 minutes to hours.
  • Make sure your videos are informative, professional, and reflects your area of expertise

7.  Expand Your Platform

  • The best way to ensure that you are receiving the best possible exposure for your business is to make sure that you are using all social media tools to your advantage.
  • Add Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram to your social media portfolio if you are not already using them.

Hope these 7 quick steps for social media networking helps!