We are almost at the end of our series on the seven spiritual laws of success, based on the best-selling book by Deepak Chopra. The week’s law is the sixth and focuses on the law of detachment.
Chopra shares with us that our attachment to aspects of life is conditioned by fear and insecurity. When we focus on the outcome of what we desire, we are so fixated on what we can receive based on our past experiences, that we miss out on embracing what we can be blessed with and the creative possibilities that it entails.
Therefore our intentions should rely on an outcome that is uncertain.  Our experiences need to be grounded in the “wisdom of uncertainty”. The wisdom of knowing that our future is not defined by a predictable outcome but can flourish in endless possibilities of creative freedom.
His 3 step solution for assisting us in transitioning to this freedom mentality of the law of detachment includes 1) allowing ourselves and others the freedom to be who they really are without imposing an idea of who or what should be 2) the willingness to accept uncertainty while knowing that solutions will materialize from the problem 3) anticipate the experience of endless opportunities and the huge impact that it can have on your success.
To review the entire chapter on this law, watch the video below and stay tuned for our last law on spiritual success.