Each week that I share a new law from Deepak Chopra’s book on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, I become enlightened on a new perspective, a precious gift that if we are open and willing to accept, then we can be blessed.
In this week review on the Law of Least Effort, I instantly thought about a coach potato approach to maneuvering through life. But as Chopra explains, the principles behind the law of least effort is truly a stress free approach to accepting life as it comes with little or no resistance on our part. For example consider nature and how nature blooms and blossoms with the least amount of effort. Being in nature and of nature comes naturally. It’s carefree and easy – just how life should be.
Of course life is going to hand us lemons but it’s how we go about receiving and accepting those lemons that will determine how successful we will continue to be in our spiritual walk to greatness.
In essence, there are three principles that Chopra suggests that will help us in our spiritual walk towards least effort.  The first as I mentioned earlier is acceptance. Chopra states that we should practice “accepting things as they are the moment that it occurs, not as we wish them to be.”
Second, we need to take responsibility for any and all situations and events. Not blaming our self or anyone else’s for the occurrence, but being aware that the situation has presented an opportunity to learn what we could do differently to improve the quality of our life. And finally, we need to be defenseless.
Our responsibility is not to try to persuade or convince others of our opinion, in doing so we are only losing out on constructive energy that could be used to improve our spiritual walk; therefore, we should provide an opportunity to remain open to others opinions and encourage their thoughts.
Curious to learn more, watch the video below that reviews the entire chapter on the Law of Least Effort.  As always, I truly hope that this series is a blessing to you.