The Dream Giver
For those of you who believe that you are meant to fulfill a specific purpose in life and have seen your vision or God have planted a dream in your heart. A book that I would recommend that you read is The Dream Giver by author Bruce Wilkinson. He also wrote The Prayer of Jabez which is a New York Times Bestseller.
It’s not often that I find myself tearing up at the beginning, ending and during a book; but this book obviously resonated deeply with me. Wilkinson is an expert storyteller and shares an interesting tell of Ordinary a young man who has decided to leave his hometown of Familiar to discover the dream that the Dream Giver shared with him.
Along his journey Wilkinson shares Ordinary’s triumphs and challenges and equates these occurrences to what we can expect to experience if we dare to take the Dream Giver up on his offer and also pursue our dream as well.
As a career consultant this book not only answered questions regarding my challenges to pursue my dream but the book also provided me with answers to empower my clients. If you are blessed to answer God’s call on your life then you should consider reading a book that could possibly answer any and all of the questions that you might have regarding your journey. This book is definitely a must read.