Continuing with our series which is based on inspiring words written by Max Lucado and noted in his book God’s Inspirational Promises, Max shares with us the importance of God’s love no matter what we may experience or encounter in our life we can be sure of one thing – just how much He loves us. I hope you enjoy this message on God’s love.
My Child
My child’s feelings are hurt. I tell her she’s special. My child is injured. I do whatever it takes to make her feel better. My child is afraid. I won’t go to sleep until she is secure.
No Hero
I’m not a hero… I’m a parent. When a child hurts, a parent does what comes naturally. He helps…Why don’t I let my Father do for me what I am more than willing to do for my own children?
What I need to learn
I’m learning…Being a father is teaching me that when I am criticized, injured, or afraid, there is a Father who is ready to comfort me. There is a Father who will hold me until I’m better, help me until I can live with the hurt, and who won’t go to sleep when I’m afraid of waking up and seeing the dark. Ever.
Father, we look at your plan and see a plan based on love, not our performance. Help us to be captivated by your love.