Your wait is finally over; tomorrow is the day that you have been waiting for. Launch day. On September 21st you can receive my new book How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny®: Eat Your Cake and Have Your Figure Too! for the special introductory price of $7.25 (50% off) and receive the 5 Week Challenge Workbook FREE as a PDF download. All you have to do is email me at with a copy of your proof of purchase including the date on your receipt, and you will receive the complementary workbook FREE.
For those of you who are trying to lose weight or manage health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, or High Cholesterol, or if you know someone with any of these conditions, this is the book for you. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Childhood Obesity Foundation. This offer is only available through on September 21st. Here’s an excerpt from How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny®: Eat Your Cake and Have Your Figure Too! And perhaps you may like to watch the movie trailer that noted above.
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Noted below are just some of the reasons that make the Schoolgirl Skinny® Program so effective.
4) Diets don’t teach about nutrition and healthy eating choices.
a) It is because of the healthy eating choices that my Schoolgirl Skinny® Program
works permanently.
b) Most of the food choices that comprise the Schoolgirl Skinny® Program contain 0 or
few calories. Therefore, you can literally eat as much as you like while maintaining a healthy
5) Many diets are too restrictive; they take the enjoyment out of eating.
a) You can indulge in all of your favorites—breads, cakes, cookies, puddings,
ice cream, pizza, hamburgers and fries, or whatever are your comfort foods.
b) There are no restrictions; you simply learn a new approach to enjoying your favorite
6) The promotion of magic pills that either don’t work, or could be dangerous to one’s health.
a) There are no magic pills, just a dietary lifestyle solution that is effective.
7) Some people have gained weight during their diets or weight loss programs.
a) I have consistently lost weight on my Schoolgirl Skinny® Program.
b) As noted, I am currently at my ideal weight (BMI standard), which is close
to my high school weight—thus the title Schoolgirl Skinny®.
c) My goal is to maintain a weight that is less than the plateau that I was stuck at for2 skinny_front-280x449_(2)
years and stay within my ideal BMI.
8) Who has the time or desire to exercise?
a) Your workout activities can be completed while you are watching your favorite
television programs, in less than 30 minutes.
b) Although exercise is not the most thrilling part of a lifestyle solution, it can and
will make a difference in your life.
c) I am aware of people who have lost weight following this program without exercise,
although I wouldn’t recommend it. I understand when people are not able to exert
physical activity.