banana and caramel

Continuing with our series which focuses on my upcoming book Schoolgirl Skinny®; this week you are in for a special treat – a healthy dessert! In my book I mentioned how I was able to reverse my pre-diabetes status which I am thrilled about and I also mentioned how much I enjoy desserts.
If you love desserts as much as I do? When you begin to transition into your lifestyle change of eating healthy to maintain a healthy lifestyle you want to keep this tip in mind. It’s important to treat yourself to the healthy food products that God has blessed us with. Just know when it comes to your sweet treats you should enjoy the indulgence – but don’t overindulge. Once I learned and incorporated this tip into my lifestyle I was well on my way to a healthy way of life. Now it’s time to share with you one of my favorite recipes. Eat Healthy!
Banana and Caramel Pudding Parfait
I made this delicious dessert over the weekend and simply could not get enough of it. But as I ate each bite, I was comforted in knowing that this sweet treat was not going directly to my hips. Click on the hyperlinks to receive nutritional information on these ingredients.   
4 large ripe and firm bananas
Dulce de leche sugar free Jello-O Pudding 4-pack
Cool Whip Lite
Nature’s Hand Vanilla Almond Granola
Select 4 tall desert glasses  
Will serve 4 people
Mix Dulce de leche sugar free Jello-O pudding in a large bowl with 1cup of Cool Whip Lite; layer bottom of desert glasses with ½ of pudding/Cool Whip Lite mixture.  
Slice 2 bananas and place top of the pudding/Cool Whip Lite mixture.
Add a layer a Cool Whip Lite.
Slice 2 bananas and place on top of Cool Whip lite.
Add the remaining pudding/Cool Whip Lite mixture.
Add Nature’s Hand Vanilla Almond Granola right before you are ready to serve and top it off with a scoop of Cool Whip Lite.
Hope you enjoy this summer treat!