life lesson

Imagine if you will that your mistakes were not mistakes; but simply interludes or dramatic performances along life’s educational journey of life lessons and experiences. Everything that you believe you ever failed at and everything that you thought you wanted to label as a huge mistake in life turned out to be only an extraordinary way to maneuver you through a learning experience that was fundamental to your personal development and spiritual growth.
 Reflect on Your Past
Now take a moment and reflect on some of the mistakes that you believe you have made. Initially, it may be challenging or even emotional to think back to a time that maybe painful. However, when you consider what you did to get through the situation. How this situation made you stronger, and specifically what you learned about yourself and how you would be able to get through another situation that was similar – wouldn’t you agree, that had it not been for what you originally believed was a mistake, was in fact a great opportunity for you to be educated through a learning experience.
Learning from Others
Some of my greatest learning experiences have actually come from watching other people experience their interludes. How they have mishandled finances, relationships, possessions, and even themselves. Some life lessons can be learned through observation instead of participation. I suppose it’s when we don’t learn from our or others experiences that our interludes can be identified as mistakes.