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It’s Father’s Day! And in honor of this special day, today’s blog will review relationships based on the meaning of the number 2.
As we continue numerology with the number 2, in feng shui it represents things in relationship with each other, pairs or combination of pairs.  We began with the number one, beginnings and now continue on with taking on people, partners or things that will enrich and enhance our lives.
Relationships are very powerful because they show us who we are in ways that we can’t know by ourselves.  Think about it – you have an idea of who you are, based on all the knowledge and experience that you have gleaned throughout your life.  Then another person comes along who knows you well, such as a friend or partner and they have a perspective of you that you may not agree with.  Why is that?

Relationship Exercise
Here’s a fun exercise, one that I teach in a class on relationships – write down all the personality traits that you believe you are (assertive, shy, charismatic, etc.).  Don’t be critical or judgmental, it’s not a thinking thing, and be as honest as you can be.  Then, ask your partner or friend to make a list of traits that describe you.  Now compare the two lists.  If you find that the lists are pretty well matched, you project yourself in the world in a clear way.  If the lists are very much different, it could mean that you “put on a mask” when you interact with other people.
In feng shui the back right corner of your home or space (as you enter your front door) is the Relationship area.  Here it’s important to have things that are “in relationship” with each other, such as two lamps, two paintings that are similar, two end tables, etc.  Also, if you have something such as a storage shed in the back right corner of your lot, it is considered “disconnected” from the main space if there is no path or walkway, and it means that you are disconnected from relationships in some way.  It would be best to put in a path and connect this in order to have better relationships in your life.
Relationships are mirrors for us to see who we are; it’s why they are both the most powerful and the most challenging things we’ll do in our lives.  So honor all your relationships and accept the gifts that come from them….it’s “good feng shui.”