Herballife Tea

I know it’s hard to believe – but it’s true, I’ve been enjoying the wonderful taste of peach tea every morning and losing 80 calories with each cup. Occasionally, I may enjoy a cup of raspberry or lemon tea; I have even had two cups of tea in one day because the herbal tea is so smooth and relaxing and also because I wanted to switch up and enjoy a little peach first then a little raspberry later.
You can make it hot and then cool it off with ice cubes, to enjoy a cold glass during the long hot summer. But however you enjoy your tea, hot or cold; you will also enjoy the benefit of losing 80 calories while this herbal tea supports your metabolism and gives you added energy through the day.
Interested in learning more? Trying a sample or making a purchase? Contact me, to indulge in this great tasting herbal tea and lose calories while you relax and enjoy the sunshine.