#iAlwaysWantedTo shop for anything that I wanted and the cost didn’t matter because I could afford it. This is something that is probably a dream come true for most shopaholics who is trying to tame that savaged beast that comes out of us every once in a while when someone shouts the word SALE. Especially if that word is associated with any of your favorite stores or brands, such as one of my favorite brands Louis Vuitton.
If you are a Louis Vuitton lover as I am and you are still shopping on a budget but appreciate great quality and saving money. You should check out EmiBella.com. They not only offer authentic Louis Vuitton handbags at a great price but they also offer other popular brands such as Gucci, Prada, and Burch. And what girl would just buy a handbag when she could also buy a matching wallet, jewelry, and more.
What’s so great about this ecommerce website is that in addition to the already great prices, they also often offer incredible discounts. I received my authentic Louis Vuitton handbag at 40% off the already great price. But you do have to be careful when making purchases on line. Enlarge the view of the item that you are considering purchasing. You want to make sure that you see the exact features of the item before you purchase it. Determining the authenticity of a handbag can be easy if you know what to look for. Here are some tips to help you make your Louis Vuitton handbag purchase easier. Good luck and happy shopping!
When determining if your handbag is authentic you want to look for the following features…
1)      Make sure the piping is leather
2)      Make sure the piping and handle is the same color
3)      For Classic LV handbags, the LV monogram is never cut at the seams
4)      Make sure the LV monogram is in one direction
5)      Stitching should be even all around the handbag
6)      Make sure the zipper is secure and stitched neatly without puckering
7)      Make sure there is a date code/number