Have you found a career that you are passionate about? Have you found a career that inspires you to jump for joy because you have connected your passion to your purpose?
Your career can be connected to your purpose. It is your purpose that fuels you to continue your journey on earth with joy, and fulfillment. Your purpose is what you have been called to do. God has blessed each of us with different gifts and talents that we can use to fulfill our purpose. His desire is for all of us to enjoy our lives and live it to the fullest. That includes having a fulfilling career. We just need to realize that we can connect that career to our passionate purpose.
Your passion can also be your career niche. A career niche is a specific area of interest or expertise that narrowly defines your passion. For example, you may love baking but only gourmet cookies. Or perhaps you may enjoy writing, but only science-fiction. 
Others refer to a career niche as a dream job because it provides them with the opportunity to connect their purpose with the employment experience that fulfills their dreams. This occurs when you seek out joyful experiences in life, and then transition those experiences to gainful employment opportunities. Your passion and joyful experiences can lead you to your dream job.
Regardless of the terminology, career niche or dream job the outcome should be the same. Everyone deserves to enjoy a fulfilling career. Everyone deserves to wake up in the morning and look forward to a job where they can feel fulfilled. Everyone deserves a career where they know that they are serving a greater purpose. Everyone deserves the opportunity to know that they have fulfilled their calling and their purpose by obtaining not just an employment opportunity but a dream job with passion.
Consider tapping into your authentic self by jumping into the passionate purpose that God desires you to have and using your gifts and talents to live a more fulfilling life.