Guest Post from Kristyn Graham

DRESS FOR SUCCESS –Not sex.  Leave the sexy, short, flimsy dresses/skirts, cleavage-baring blouses and spaghetti straps for your personal life.  This is an office, not a cocktail party.  Same goes for men, button up that shirt – nobody wants to see your chest hair!
PROPER SHOES –No sandals or designer flip-flops.  This goes for men and women.  We don’t want to see your pedicure, your toe rings, the crust on your heels, or smell your feet.  Nor do we want to see athletic shoes, or slippers, I do not care what designer made them. Business shoes please!

MAKE IT FIT – Anything that hugs the body too tightly is not right for the office.  If you look like a sausage stuffed in a floral polyester casing, it’s hard to take you seriously.  Clothes should be tailored, fit comfortably, and flatter the wearer’s figure.  The office is NOT the place to make a fashion statement!
DON’T POLLUTE –Go easy on the fragrance. Some people have breathing problems and allergies.  Do not pollute the office with a scent that arrives 10 minutes before you do and lingers for hours after you have gone.  This applies to both men and women.
BATHE – There seems to be a new “natural” cult popping up whose adherents believe that washing removes vital oils from the skin and should be avoided.  This phenomenon is more often, but not always, a male habit.  Anyone in close contact with others should bathe or shower DAILY.  The use of antiperspirant or deodorant is also a MUST.
HAIR – Head, Body & Face.  Hairstyles come and go, but the office is not the place to try out the latest trend.  Professional men have short hair; Women’s styles vary in length but should always be polished. Wild, just got out of bed hair, excessively big hair, multiple color hair, unusual color hair, or greasy slicked 50s hair is a NO-NO!  Women need to remove excessive leg hair or wear pants…nobody wants to see the forest, same goes for underarm hair!  Men with facial hair should keep it neat and groomed.  It goes without saying that women should NOT have any excessive facial hair.
ORAL HYGIENE – Keep your teeth and mouth clean and presentable.  Make sure your breath is fresh.  If you had spicy food for lunch or have issues with halitosis, keep mints or gum on hand for when meeting co-workers or clients.
MAKE UP – Make-up should be applied in a professional manner.  The office is not the place to try out your new gold and purple glitter eye shadow. Professional means subdued, natural tones.  Nobody takes a clown seriously, just ask Tammy Fay Baker!