If you were feeling out of sorts this Wednesday, May 25, 2011, and you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, perhaps as the day progressed and began to creep closer to 4pm you realized what was wrong. It’s the end of an era, and what we have all been comfortable with and have looked forward to chatting about around the water cooler is over.

Oprah Winfrey ended her long, successful run as the most popular and loved talk show host in a three day celebration which honored her 25 years of service. On her final show Oprah left us with a few words of wisdom that bear repeating. For all of you who realize that there is more to life than what you’re doing and how you’re living, take heed to what Oprah shares about your calling.
“Everybody has a calling,” says Oprah, and her calling obviously is directly aligned to her profession. When you consider your calling, consider your passion. What fuels you, motivates you, and allows you to spring out of bed in the morning when you consider the path of your day, it all comes back to what it is that you were destined to achieve and your opportunity to receive the blessings which are connected to your destiny.
However, Oprah realizes that some of us do not always partake in the opportunity to embrace our passion. She states that some of us “block our blessing because we do not feel worthy.”  But worthiness exists for everyone who is here and alive, says Oprah. So we need to begin now, embracing our life and using our passions to serve the world.
Finally, Oprah reminds us that we are not alone, we are all in this together, and together we can get through the departure of the most incredible experience that we all know as Oprah. Oprah has helped us in this transition by sharing her personal email address, Oprah@oprah.com. She’s looking forward to hearing from us. For it’s not goodbye, it’s until we meet again.

If you need to identify your calling, contact Dr.Cris @ drcris@mail.com