Hello All,
Let me take a moment to clarify that although these tips are directed toward women, everyone can benefit from them. 
This week’s tip stresses the importance of giving it your all. As I have mentioned more than once, you seldom gain an opportunity to make a great first impression; therefore, if you do all that you can from the start you won’t have to question after the fact what efforts could have improved the situation. 

Dr. Cris

Tip # 1: Go Over and Above
Because we are the underdogs in the good ole boys’ network, we have to go over and above what others may deem as qualified. Consider your education, your skills, and your experience. What can you bring to the table that the average man cannot? What can you offer an employer that would make the potential new boss stand up and take notice? Who do you know who can enhance your project with their expertise while ensuring that you receive the credit for facilitation?

If there is a training opportunity available for you to gain knowledge and skills that would advance your career, take it. If there are people who you should get to know who can support you as an ally or mentor, make yourself friendly and get to know them better.
We always have to consider that although we may have the skills, we may possess the talent, and we may know some of the right people, it still may not be enough to secure our spot in the workplace. If we really desire to enter the promised land, then we always have to put the icing on the cake. Go over and above what is expected and you will reap the results.