What’s your vision? Do you even have one? For those of you who do – have a vision, do you know how to achieve it? King Solomon shares with us in Proverbs 28:19 “Without a vision, the people perish.” So if the wisest man in the world knows and has shared with you the importance of having a vision, than what is stopping you?
Perhaps you are struggling with truly understanding what a vision is. So let me help. According to bestselling author Steven K. Scott, “A vision is a precise, clearly defined goal with a detailed plan and timetable for achieving that goal.” In other words consider what is your dream or goal then consider how you can achieve it.
God told his prophet Habakkuk to “write the vision and make it plain” (Habakkuk 2:2). Writing down your vision clearly and plainly is an great start. But what might be even better is for you to consider developing a pictorial representation of your vision in prayer form creating a spiritual vision board.
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Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board