Continuing with our tips on creating your spiritual vision board, Tip # 2 helps you to prepare for this process by enlightening you on the two different ways that spiritual vision boards can be created. Although most people create a physical or tangible version using pictures from magazines and writing out their affirmation statements, mantras and motivational statements as seen in the image above.
The other option to create a spiritual vision board is to use a computer/technology. With this option power point or Pinterest may be the easiest ways. If you select power point than you can download images from any FREE clip art option – some simply use Google to gather their images. If you select Pinterest, you can simply create a new board and add your visual images and verbal affirmations, mantras and motivational statements as you go.
Regardless of what option you select, feel free to learn more about this easy 4 step process when you read the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board or enjoy this video below which shares more Tip #2.