What are you dreaming of? What dreams are you hoping, wishing, and praying to come true? Did you know that dreams don’t work unless you do? Dreams can not come into fruition unless you take action and simply make it happen.
Believe it or not God has equipped you with everything that you need. So what’s stopping you from achieving the desires of your heart? What is it that perhaps is interfering with the things that you dream of? Have you thought that perhaps it’s you?
When we ask God for a blessing, He often blesses us but sometimes our blessing may come in a different package than what we are use to. A package that we believe should be dressed up with a pretty bow. The reality is those blessing are going to come exactly how we need them. We only have to “receive” our blessing.
Remember that the 3 step process of receiving all that God’s has for us includes

1. Asking

2. Believing

3. Receiving

In order for you to receive all that God has for you, you first need to recognize that perhaps He has already blessed you and you have not been open enough to receive and accept all that you have been asking for. Consider, what was the last thing that you prayed about. Then consider reevaluating what you have received after your prayer. Could it be that you have already been blessed and didn’t know it? Could it be that your dreams simply don’t work because you haven’t received your blessing? Remember dreams don’t work unless you do!