Looking for a new way to be inspired and uplifted? Perhaps the newest devotionals from author Yvette Clark could help. Clark, an exhortationist, plans to release her 5 new devotionals that are sure to inspire us  on our spiritual walk. You can enjoy:
Vine of Life
Behold a New Day
Waking with the Morning Son
Morning Musings with  God
The Vine of Life and
Offerings of Love
Which will be available beginning on April 7thExhortation Corner .  And for a limited time only you can save 25% on each individual devotional which are regularly priced at $7.95, but available from April 7th-17th for just $5.95. Better yet, you can receive a 30% savings when you purchase all 5 books in the series.
If you need to encouraged, blessed and are simply searching for a word from God, consider how these devotionals could be the answer to your prayers. Clark has been ministering for more than 25 years and blogs regularly on her site Exhortation Corner.