It’s Wednesday! Another great day for the next segment from spiritual leader Deepak Chopra on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. This week we are sharing the great message on the law of giving and receiving.
In this law of giving and receiving, Chropra shares with us that the universe operates on the principle of energy in the dynamics of exchange.  It is the flow of circulation that ignites this dynamic process.  So what is our responsibility in this exchange of the creative flow in circulation?
Simple, keep the circulation in motion, typically most might think about money as far as the giving aspect; however, in reality money is not necessary. What we should focus on is the FREE gifts that may come natural for some of us.
Gifts of caring, attention, affection, appreciation, and love are what people actually yearn for to feel fulfilled and honored. These gifts cost nothing monetarily, but provide blessings into others lives. We can also use the gift of words to speak those things that are not, as thou they were.
For example, we can wish others happiness, joy, favor, and laughter throughout their day – either out loud, or as a silent form of prayer. When we share this concept of giving gifts to others, the universe (God) will in turn allow for reciprocity to take place. We will also receive those gifts when we are giving to others.
For those of you who desire to learn more about this law of giving and receiving, watch the video that is below and soak in all the wisdom that Deepak Chopra is blessing us with.