December pic

Isaiah 9:6 Unto us a child is born

When I was a little girl, I always had a list of what I wanted Santa to bring me for Christmas. Baby dolls, bicycles, Barbie’s townhouse, clothes for my Barbie’s, and of course clothes for me also; the list went on and on. Life was so simply then. As a child most of us have a tendency to only think about how many presents we will receive. Or question how can Santa and his sleigh make it to our house when he has so many other homes to visit on Christmas Eve night.
How Times Have Changed
I’m not sure exactly when it all begins to make sense to us. Perhaps somewhere between childhood and growing into adulthood, or once we realize that there is no Santa Claus at all and the true meaning of Christmas has so much more to do with how our Savior was born, who was also a child who grew up knowing that His life would serve as the ultimate present for all of us.
As we grow into adulthood, some also grow spiritually. Developing a relationship with our savior is one of the first steps of realizing that there is more to Christmas than buying gifts and putting up a Christmas tree.
When we develop a relationship with Jesus our Savior, we realize that those things that we once held true, and jotted down on our Christmas lists are less important than knowing that our souls are saved and our life has meaning.
Now when I think about Christmas, I think about family, friends, gathering together to enjoy a sacred day but also to remember and honor the sacred life that was sacrificed for all of us. When I think of Christmas now, I am thankful that God loves us so much, that He gave His only child for each one of us.
Thank you Father, for blessing us with the knowledge and wisdom to realize just how important Christmas really is.