Usually at everyone’s Thanksgiving table before we sit down to enjoy our wonderful turkey and all of its fixing. Most families will take a few moments to share what they are thankful for.  This tradition of giving thanks has been a long standing tradition and has set the tone for our country.
Extending Your Moment of Thanks
This year I would like to add a twist to your usual Thanksgiving tradition. Perhaps with a little effort consider giving thanks for all of the blessings in your life every day. Select a time during your daily routine – some select first thing in the morning. Other may select the last thing that they do at night, in the form of a prayer. Then start sharing with God everything that you are thankful for.  Praise Him for being so good to you.
Throughout Your Day
I love to talk to God during my daily activities. Knowing that He is with me and I have someone to turn to is comforting. Therefore whenever something may occur that causes me pause, like being saved from an auto accident, or receiving a huge discount on products or services, no matter how big or how small God has His hand in it because He loves us and He knows our every need.
I have heard some refer to using a gratitude journal where they can write down their thoughts of thankfulness. In this written form you will have a tangible source to refer back to. You will be able to read and reflect on times in your life when you needed God the most and He seemed to always pull you through.
Whether verbal, written or both, what’s important is that you consider it and try it. Turn your thanks into praise and let God know just how grateful you are to have Him in your life every day!