Decrees Declares and Prayers book cover

Looking for a great summer read that will inspire you, encourage you and most importantly remind you of the power of prayer. Decrees, Declares & Prayers written by author Caroline D. Green is a scriptural guide that raises your spirit while comforting your soul.
As I read through this timeless guide of wisdom I slowly became reassured. Knowing that whatever the concern be it financial, health, career, family or whatever life throws at us – God always has a solution. Each chapter of Decrees, Declares & Prayers reminds us of the solutions and promises that God made to us in the form of scripture. All we have to do is decree, declare and pray for it. 
Who’s Talking about Decrees, Declares & Prayers
Others who have read this book state “Caroline Green shows us new things about the power of the tongue. She also teaches us how we can speak our highest expectations into the important areas of our lives all for the glory and with the blessing of God. Excellent resource for living.” Wayne Coster Cooper, Author and eGroup Leader
Decrees, Declares, & Prayers is a ‘Must Have’ for any Believer. Caroline reminds us the power of God’s Word and how speaking that Word in our life can change our life. Truly needed in the Body of Christ.” Yvette E. Clark, Exhortation Corner Ministries
Let Decrees, Declares & Prayers transform how you think, feel and are blessed by God’s goodness. Pick up your copy today and share one with a friend.