Valerie is the owner of Feng Shui Concepts, she is a Certified Feng Shui
Practitioner, a student of the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui under Carol Bridges.  She has studied under Master Lin Yun, founder of the BTB school of feng shui, as well as other experts in the field of feng shui.You can find Val at


The number 1 is all about beginnings.  It is an analogy of moving into physicality from Oneness or source, whatever you believe that to be.  It represents a starting point from which all things expand and grow.  It takes only one seed to make a tree, one egg and one sperm to make a human being, one finger to point the way.
We come from a place of Oneness, and in feng shui this is represented in our spaces as the middle or center.  The center is where we begin; our lives emanate from this centered-oneness.  In our spaces it is in the middle of the home/room/table/desk.  A representation of this centeredness in feng shui is the icon of the sun, the source for life on the planet. 
When you are focused or centered in one-pointedness you feel strong and capable.  If you feel off center, it’s because you have literally moved away from your center.  In feng shui, this is where balance begins, in the center.  We all know what it feels like to be balanced and centered, and we all know what it feels like to be “off” in some way. 

As I’ve explained before, it is very important to pay attention to how you feel in any given situation, because this is your intuitive sense or gut feeling and you feel it when you are centered and in balance.  It is your inner wisdom giving you a message; pay attention to it!  If you can’t for some reason, just know that pushing beyond that feeling will probably take you places you might rather not go ultimately.  Upset the balance in the center and the whole cycle wobbles and your life feels out of kilter.  Maintain the center, stay balanced as much as possible and your life will flow more smoothly.  If you are way out of balance and off center, you become susceptible to illness, because the energy becomes so dense that it can have an effect on you physically.
 We come from oneness, as a single human being.  It becomes our life-long yearning to be in relationship with others….next month comes the number 2, which is about relationship.