Guest Blog by Valerie Delong

Valerie is the owner of Feng Shui Concepts, she is a Certified Feng Shui
Practitioner, a student of the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui under Carol Bridges.  She has studied under Master Lin Yun, founder of the BTB school of feng shui, as well as other experts in the field of feng shui.You can find Val at

Two months into the New Year; can you feel a difference in things?  The weather is different, that’s for sure, and predictions are that it will continue to surprise us.  Welcome to time after “the end of the world!”
Cycles begin and end all the time and they are based on energy.  Energy is what underlies everything in the world and everything is energy, manifested in different ways.  Feng shui teaches that, in order to live a balanced and harmonious life, the energy in your spaces must flow.  If the energy in your spaces flows optimally, your own personal energy and those sharing your spaces, will flow optimally as well and you will live an uplifting life.  This is the “large” cycle of life.  We have a saying – what goes around comes around – which speaks of cycles.  Everything is connected through energy and energy goes through cycles.

Consider the cycle of birth to death; it is a cycle, because it is the way of life on this planet.  Some believe we come back into another body to continue the life cycle over and over again; others believe we continue on….into another cycle.  We have a daily cycle which begins as the sun comes over the horizon on the east and falls below it on the west, and our bodies are in a cyclic rhythm with this cycle.  The moon has a cycle of its own, of which we are susceptible….everything from the ocean tides to the term “lunacy” (ask any person who’s ever worked in a hospital ER about crazy people coming out on a full moon). 
We humans are meant to flow with these cycles and when we do, life feels good.  When we resist them and get caught up in “going against the flow”, life becomes a challenge in one or more areas.  So begin to pay attention to the rhythms of your life; you’ll know how you feel if you’re flowing with them or not.  Go with the flow…’s “good feng shui!”