It’s Valentine’s Day! And there is no better way to ensure that you are getting along with the one you love than to make sure that you understand how they are communicating. Dr. Gary Chapman, author of NY Times Best-Selling book The Five Love Languages: The Secrets to the Love that Lasts, has made it easy for us to break down the walls of communication and love the one that you are with in a more meaningful way because you understand specifically how to communicate with each other through their specific love language. Dr. Chapman realizes that relationships can be difficult because each of us communicate differently. Therefore, our desire to express love and interpret the meaning behind love can mean one thing to one person and something completely different to someone else.
There are 5 different love languages, once you determine which language reflects your mates. Then you begin to communicate in their language, your relationship will begin to evolve. Here are the five love languages:

1.      Acts of Service Language
This expression of love entails the act of service physically performing tasks such as household chores, or any typical routine performance that your mate normally is responsible for. If you notice that your mate may appear to be extremely gratefully for this act of service, this could be their love language, so take on as many household chores for them as possible.
2.      Receiving Gifts Language
Some people have a tendency to become overly excited with the mere thought of the receipt of a gift. No matter how big or how small or just a token. It’s a gift, and receiving gifts of any sort is what brings joy to this person life. Therefore consider what gifts you can give your loved one this Valentine’s Day to capture their heart and begin a new romance.  
3.     Words of Affirmation Language
Kind words can bring a smile to most people face, but for a person who possesses this love language, words of affirmation will not only brighten their day but keep them beaming for the rest of the day. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to say something sweet to brighten up this person’s day. Start today by wishing your sweetheart a Happy Valentine’s Day.
4.      Quality Time Language
In a relationship, there may be some who need more space than the other. But it is important to discern if you are in a relationship with a person whose love language maybe quality time, because they may feel neglected if you do not spend enough time with them engaging in quality activities. For this person you will need to let them know that your focus is on them, and that you love and devotion will provide them with the quality time that they deserve. You can do something special tonight – plan a quiet and romantic evening alone with your loved one!
5.      Physical Touch Language
For the person who possess this love language, being touchy-feely is not going overboard. Whenever you can hold hands, cuddle on the couch, give them a love tap, and as provide them with as much intimacy as possible then your mate will be very happy. Ok, if you haven’t noticed the theme yet – YES, it’s Valentine’s Day. Tonight is a great opportunity for you to use this love language.   
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