Psalm 32:8
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.
God communicates with all of us differently at different times during our growth and relationship with Him. Sometimes the knowing that we feel deep down in our soul is as peacefully clear and as meaningful as if He whispered the words directly in our ear. Other times the confirmation is the reassurance that we receive through His Word when we read a scripture or two.
Then there are times when what we think we know is questioned. Doubt begins to sneak in.  It is during those times that spiritual counsel and guidance from others could help us to focus and see the situation from a clearer perspective.
When selecting a spiritual counselor my pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church created a list of spiritual leaders that he listens to on a regular basis and he shared that list on his blog. He also shared why he selected these spiritual leaders. Although I won’t mention all of the names because the list is long, I was thrilled to know that he listens to one of my favorites Joyce Meyer.
You can read the list and the blog in its entirety at Steven Furtick’s Spiritual Counsel List.  Although, for most of us we may not have close friends like Andy Stanley, T.D. Jakes, or Joel Osteen that we can call when we need spiritual counseling like Pastor Furtick. We need to realize that God is aware of our needs and He will bring just the right people into our lives, who can give us exactly what we need if we are struggling with something. 
That’s why I’m so thankful for friends like Karin Moss whose wisdom and guidance has enlightened me in so many ways. She has shared with me stories, books, various authors, and we discuss spiritual topics often. Also I truly feel blessed to have an older sister whose is well versed in the Word and always knows exactly what scripture to share with me when I need to hear just the right words of encouragement. My sister Carla Garrett literally knows the Bible inside and out and I’m so thankful to have her in my corner.

Finding the right spiritual counselor is easier than you think. The first step is to surround yourself with a team of wise spiritual leaders. Similar to Pastor Furtick’s list, this team should consist of individuals who you know and trust dearly that you can converse deeply with on various spiritual  topics. Eventually you will learn that you will become the spiritual counselor for some of them. Others will become the spiritual counselor for you, but most importantly you will all become a great support system for each other.