In Charlotte, NC, seven local companies are partnering with the N.C. Department of Labor; and Central Piedmont Community College to form Apprenticeship 2000; an apprenticeship program that allows high school graduates the opportunity to gain on-the-job training to prepare them for employment in the following fields …

  • Tool and Die Maker
  • Electronics Technician
  • CNC Machinist
  • Machine Technician
  • Mold/Plastics Technician
  • Welding Fabricator

Ameritech, Blum, Chiron, Daetwyler, Pfaff, Sarstedt, Siemens, and Timken are the seven companies who participate in the Apprenticeship 2000 program which not only provides these high school graduates with a great career opportunity right out of high school, but they will also get paid to attend Central Piedmont Community College as part of the apprenticeship program. Additional benefits are noted below.  

  • AAS degree in Manufacturing Technology
  • Apprenticeship Certification from NCDOL
  • Earn a min. of $34,000/year at completion
  • Benefits (Medical/Dental, Paid Holidays)
  • Guaranteed Job after Graduation
  • Travel Opportunities
  • 8000 hour program
  • Get paid to go to school!

Want to know more about this great apprenticeship program? Check out their website at Apprenticeship 2000.