Guest Blog by Valerie Delong

Valerie is the owner of Feng Shui Concepts, she is a Certified Feng Shui
Practitioner, a student of the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui under Carol Bridges.  She has studied under Master Lin Yun, founder of the BTB school of feng shui, as well as other experts in the field of feng shui.You can find Val at

  It’s spring-cleaning time again, time to look at your spaces from a feng shui perspective, which teaches that your structure is a mirror of yourself and your life.  Here are a few household tips to help bring balance:
*  The front door is called the “mouth” of chi, because energy first enters here and it speaks for who you are – whether you use your front door or not.  Make sure it’s in good shape, hinges don’t squeak, the windows are clean and not cracked, no cobwebs.
Windows are considered the “eyes” of the house and they are an analogy of how you view your world.  If they are dirty, it means that you take a dim view of life.  This goes for your car windows as well.
*  Make sure you have no leaky plumbing.  A dripping faucet or a running toilet means that you have opportunities that are leaking away.

Replace any blown-out light bulbs.  Electricity represents the spark of your life, and lamps or fixtures that don’t work mean that you lack life force and could become tired or overwhelmed.
*  Of course take a look at cluttered areas.  Clutter is stagnant energy and where you have clutter represents areas where you are stuck in your life.  A cluttered attic means that life is weighing down upon you; a cluttered basement means that you are unable to “understand” your life.
*  Try to have only things around you that uplift your spirit.  If you look at something (that ugly vase Aunt Mary gave you) and you feel anything other than happy to have it, sell it or give it away to someone who will be happy to have it.   That gift someone gave you is simply a symbol of the love that is behind it; remember the love first.