Hello All,
After today there’s just one more career tip. However, I have received positive feedback regarding the addition of a blog series; therefore, all of you can look forward to an upcoming  new blog series that will focus on how female executives can break through the glass ceiling.

This week’s career tip is all about the importance of placing yourself in a position to better prepare your self financially.  I hope this tip is useful. Enjoy!
Dr. Cris   

Great Career Tip #5 – Consider Multiple Revenue Streams
I have often worked more than one job at a time sometimes three, especially while in college, since paying for tuition can be costly. This time management lesson has proven to be a helpful tool when applied to my professional career and has taught me the importance of self preservation. 

Employers are loyal to themselves and their bottom line; therefore, we must be loyal to ourselves by developing other opportunities to earn income. 

Nowadays our money is not stretching as far as it used to; therefore, we need to consider other opportunities to generate more money. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to develop multiple means of earning potential, or multiple revenue streams.  I know what you’re thinking who has the time to devote to another job to make more money? My response it that who can afford NOT to consider how an additional means of income could impact their lifestyle?  So again I suggest, time management, so that you can live the life that you are entitled to.
Recently I wrote an ebook titled Need a Pay Raise? 7 Tips on Making More Money, this FREE ebook is still available on my blog at http://thedreamjobdoctor.blogspot.com. It’s a quick read and provides excellent tips on how you can alter your life and increase your earning potential. 

Ultimately we all need to consider the value of additional ways of making money. What happens if you lose your job? So many people today are being laid off due to this recession. If this occurs at least you will have the opportunity to bring in some additional cash through understanding the value of multiple revenue streams.