Hello All,

It’s time for another great career tip! This week I’ve decided to touch on something that some may consider rude, but is actually a great opportunity to advance your career. So peruse through the suggestion and let me know your thoughts.


Dr. Cris 

      Great Career Tip #4 –  Ask for forgiveness not permission
Sometimes we desire to take the safe route, we want to do what is right and follow the straight and narrow. Well in business playing it safe will get you left behind. While Jimmy is getting the job promotion for jumping through all the correct hoops at work, Sally got left behind because she was too busy asking the boss if it was OK for her to do this or that. 
That is where Sally messed up. If you want to get ahead in life, and in your career, you have to realize that it’s one big game and who ever passes go first without asking permission WINS. It’s simple; the philosophy is that to achieve a certain success, you must be willing to take certain calculated risks.
Usually these risks can pay off in a major way if you have conducted your homework, so do some research and know that what you are proposing has been successful with other companies. You apologize after the risk has been executed and the benefits are paying off for your company and for you. Now you have placed yourself in a position where upper management will realize how much of an asset you are to the company and they don’t want to lose you. Better yet, the next time a promotion becomes available, whom do you think upper management will consider?
Your ability to increase productivity or efficiency in a specific job task will directly impact your company’s profits. Once this occurs your risk would have been well worth the avoidance of asking permission. Then once a promotion becomes available, you will be far ahead of your colleagues and upper management will reward your hard work.